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LEC officially launched

Supporting MBA Students and Alumni to launch their ideas

The LEC - The Lisbon MBA Entrepreneurship Club - was officially presented on February 16th.

The promoters of the idea, Aziz Morsly, Jaime Parodi and Manuel Azevedo Coutinho, presented before an audience of around 100 current students and alumni, their ideas of what the LEC should be:

"The LEC aims to support students AND alumni from The Lisbon MBA interested in starting their own company or joining an early-stage startup. It Intends to provide the necessary resources, mentorship and events to ensure success"

To fulfill this mission the Board members proposed several actions and asked for the participation of all the interested parties to come aboard and contribute with ideas and effort.

Who can be part of the club?

  • Current students 
  • Alumni 
  • Participating professors 
  • The Lisbon MBA staff

The first initiatives will be done before the end of April and will be announced shortly here.

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